This month we decided to take a look at a new player on the crypto-trading stage, ArbiSmart.
We opened an account, checking out the platform, security, support, deposit and withdrawal processes and their affiliate program.
So, after a thorough investigation, is ArbiSmart a legitimate crypto-trading arbitrage site or a scam?
Here’s what we found:

The Platform
The ArbiSmart system has plenty to recommend it. Firstly, it’s easy to use, and we had no difficulties navigating the platform. It’s also stable, and we experienced no system errors or downtime.
The platform offers a lot of variety as there are plenty of cryptocurrencies to choose from and the platform is connected to 20 different exchanges.

The ArbiSmart solution meets all the regulatory requirements to ensure account integrity and security. In addition, there is a team of analysts monitoring the market 24 hours a day to provide an extra level of protection and serve as a human fail-safe for the automated system.

We were pleasantly surprised by the availability and helpfulness of the support team. On both occasions that we contacted them, we reached someone straight away and the person we spoke to was friendly, professional and well-informed about the platform. The support team is available directly by phone, and Whatsapp, which was incredibly easy and we were able to get hold of someone faster than with any other platform we’ve looked at. They can also be reached by Telegram, Messenger, chat and email.

The Deposit and Withdrawal Process
Here is where ArbiSmart shines The deposit process is easy and we experienced no hidden conditions or delays when we requested a withdrawal.
Basically, as soon as you make a deposit your tokens are sent to your wallet, which is created for you on the ArbiSmart platform, and your money starts working for you immediately. Your tokens are available straight away and you can withdraw them anytime.
We spoke to ArbiSmart about their buy-back program, which won’t be active until all the tokens are sold. They agreed to give us a sneak peek, to show us how it works and we got the impression of a system that’s fair and hassle-free. ArbiSmart buys back tokens at their current sale price or at the same price at which they were bought with 18% premium for every year that has passed since then, depending on which price is higher.

The Affiliate Program
This is one of the more impressive aspects of the site. The company’s multi-tiered program has all the advantages of any good affiliate operation, from quality marketing content and analytics tools to dedicated support and on time payments.
Where ArbiSmart sets itself apart is with its generous, 5 tiered commission structure. Affiliates earn up to 3% on every direct referral and then a further percentage for each subsequent level reached. In other words, as a supplement to their income from their own referrals, they also earn a percentage of the profits earned by anyone their direct referrals have referred and so on.
In addition, the company offers an extra 25% incentive for every euro of affiliate profits that are reinvested.

The Pros
ArbiSmart has a lot going for it. Based on our investigation, the platform seems to be easy and safe to use, with available, helpful support staff. Also, we were able to access our earnings straight away without having to deal with any excuses or hold-ups.

The Cons
Overall our impressions were favorable, but one major criticism is that while the platform is available everywhere in the world except the US, currently support is only available in English, though the company tells us that in the coming months 5 new languages are being added.
Another drawback is that while ArbiSmart is in strict compliance with regulatory standards, the company is still awaiting its license under crypto regulation, which it estimates will only be finalized in the spring of 2019. However, their application is underway, so we’ll be following up in a few months.

Our Evaluation
To sum up, ArbiSmart seems to be running a legit operation.
If you’re looking for an honest crypto-trading arbitrage provider that offers a reliable, secure platform and friendly support, as well as quick and easy withdrawals, ArbiSmart is a great option.
Bottom line? ArbiSmart is one of the more trustworthy crypto-trading arbitrage systems out there. We were genuinely impressed with what we saw and ArbiSmart gets our strongest recommendation.